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We have 3 great proven varieties of Tomato Plants and 3 new varieties that are being planted and offered for sale at our Farm now.

4th of July Tomato Plants


4th of July is a very early, 45 day Indeterminate plant that grows to 5′ and produces golf ball size fruit that are great for salads with very good flavor that you plant May 1st and start to harvest June 15th. It yields to frost.


Red Duce Tomato Plants
Red Duce Tomato is an early 65 day Determinate plant that grows to 3 1/2′ and is a Medium/Large round fruit that scored the highest on our Brix Sugar Scale in 2013. Plant them April 15th and cover with seed guard purchased at our farm and start harvesting June 20th.

Our first acre of approx. 6000, 65 Day Red Duce Tomato Plants should begin ripening around June 20th and with the Grace of God we will harvest approx. 4000-5000 lbs by the 4th of July and up to 60,000 lbs by the 1st of August.


Summer Pick Tomato Plants

The new Summer Pick is an early 67 day Determinate
plant that grows to 3 1/2′ and is an Extra Large flat fruit that is great for slicing and sandwiches. It is a cousin to the Red Duce with the same great flavor.

Phoenix Tomato PlantsA late 80 day Semi-Determinate plant that grows to 4′ and is a Medium/Extra Large round fruit, which loves to set in 100 degree + August Temps, when all other varieties fail. Let them hang until ripe and pick 3 days later and they will still stay solid and increase their flavor.

Dixie Red Tomato Plants

A new semi late 75 day Determinate plant that grows to 3 1/2′ and is hot set and the fruit sized like the Phoeonix with a better disease resistant package. It just might perform better with the same great taste.

DSC02784 Indigo Rose

 Advertised as the Healthiest Tomato in the Midwest.  Indigo Rose has a purple to black fruit on the outside with dark, rich, redish purple inside.

Note how even the plant is dark purple.

     When exposed to light, the fruit expels an antioxidant called Anthhocnin. Like the Blueberry, it is very healthy.

     The plants are available in the Market NOW!

 How To Raise the first Acre of the Best Tasting Tomatoes in the Midwest


Greenhouse Farmers Market Hardening Off Tomato Plants

Late March they were removed from the Greenhouse to wagons to harden off during the day and in the barn at night at approx. 35 to 40 degree temp. with constant moving air.

Farmers Market Ridging for Tomato PlantingThere is always a window from early March to early April where the soil is dry enough to work and ridge.The farm will plant it’s first Red Duce tomatoes on the ridges. During wet times the tractor tires are in the mud but the top of the ridge is nice and dry, ready for planting. You can do the same thing with a tiller and hand rake.


Our Red Duce Tomato plants were planted April 11th and Low Tunnel Covered on April 20th with a product called “Seed Guard” which warms the soil and plants at approx. 15 degrees during the day and 5 degrees at night. This will protect the plants from the extreme cold, wind, frost and even hail.
Farmers Market Greenhouse Tomato Field Covering

Farmers Market Greenhouse Tomato Planting

We planted and 1st tied on May 2nd.

On May 15th we tied for the 2nd time and covered with Hail Guard.  The 2 ft. tall plants are just beginning to show pea size fruit and should be mature enough to ripen in 32 days.  We could be picking steadily by June 25.

DSC02767 Staked and tied

DSC02787 Hail Guard1







The Market is now open and we sell this variety and other modern varieties of tomato and vegetable plants. We also sell the special cloth for protection from the elements at a very reasonable price.
We encourage our customers to start their home gardens early and enjoy Fresh Tomatoes in late June rather than Mid-July.

The first acre of approx. 6000, 65 Day Red Duce Tomato Plants should begin ripening around June 20th and with the Grace of God we will harvest approx. 4000-5000 lbs by the 4th of July and up to 60,000 lbs by the 1st of August.

Fruit Trees for Sale

Fruit Trees for Sale

The type of fruit trees that we grow here on the Farm are for sale here at the Farm. This sapling Leslie is holding will look like these in the background in 3 years.

Farmers Market U-Pick Blackberries 2013

Remember those giant golf ball size blackberries you picked last summer.

We’ve got those plants on sale right now, along with our Special Fruit Trees at the Farm.

For U-Pick starting dates for this season:

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Directions to Hermans Farm Orchard:

From Florissant: Hwy 270 to Hwy 370 West across the MO River to 94 or 3rd St. Exit. Go Left on Hwy 94, 2 miles. Hermans Farm will be on your left.

From: St. Peters: Hwy 70 East to Hwy 370 East to 94 or 3rd St. Exit. Go Left on Hwy 94, 2 miles. Hermans Farm will be on your left.

Taking Reservations for Field Trips and Birthday Parties for this season which includes an Educational Hayride!

Farmers Market Hayride & Castle Playground 2013


Locally grown produce for the freshest taste.



Hardy, locally grown annuals of all varieties


U Pick

Blackberries, Peaches, Tomatoes, Apples and Pumpkins also U-Choose we Dig Mums.

Look around and see what all we have to offer in locally grown fresh produce, hardy flowers, annuals, hanging baskets, herbs, and bedding plants.

Plus we carry a variety of jams, local honey, and in the fall we have pumpkins, hay, corn stalks, Indian corn, gourdes, and hay rides.

From our local produce to educational field trips for preschool age groups and Birthday Parties we offer something for everyone.  Our family friendly atmosphere and extensive knowledge of produce and plants will have you coming back again and again.

Tom can show you how to get gardening weeks ahead of time in the spring with some tricks he has learned over the last few decades. Including covering your plants to make sure that they are protected from the weather.

Elsie can have your yard looking gorgeous with her talents for putting together flowering annuals that will work for your yard’s conditions.  And bring in your favorite pots and we can put together a flowering arrangement that you will just love. We have a variety of Herbs and Spices that we can put into a planter for all your cooking needs.

In the fall we have many family activities:  U-Pick Apples, u-Cut from the vine pumpkins, free hayrides and u choose – we dig mums.