Geraniums and Hanging Baskets

Come by and see our beautiful annuals and perennials!!!!

Half Gallon geraniums 
1 quart perennial
1 gallon Hostas
$6 each, $5 in quantity. 
Jumbo perennial Bougainvillea only $20

King Coleus Farm Market St Louis MO



                                                 Annuals & Perrenials Farmers Market

April 1st, marked the official start to the season here at Hermans Farm! Come on out and check out our beautiful greenhouse plants as well as our Amish furniture for sale, Open 9-6 daily.



Items Available:                                                                  
-Hanging baskets                            
-Herbs & Spice plants
-Tomato plants
-Amish furniture
-Dirt from the farm (truckload or bucket)

The quality of good bottom land is determined by what tributaries have silted it over centuries. 
Our farm is located on a 26 mile by 8 mile shelf, surrounded and silted by the Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois Rivers.
The soil called the De Sioux is the richest in North America.
When drilling water wells they sometimes bring pecans shelves to the surface, from 40 below. 
Our soil is for sale by:  5 gal bucket or 1,200 lbs yard-loose.
Homegrown Tomatoes
The cost of raising one acre of 5000 red duce tomatoes plants is approxiately 12-15 thousand dollars.

Hail insurance is 20-30 cents on the dollar.

The return is approximately 10-12 lbs per plant or 50-60 thousand lbs per acre.

Experimenting with 40 thousand square foot of 3/4 nylon bird netting becomes feasible. 

Cost of material 15 hundred dollars once set up. Two men can install this netting over the top of the stakes. (As shown in 2 hrs) DSC02810

Remove after storm passes.

The idea is not to totally stop the hail, but merely to break its speed and allow it to harmlessly fall on and around the plants.Tom showing Red Duce Homegrown Tomatoes

 Have Tom show you how to plant and cover your tomato plants 3 weeks early and start picking baseball sized fruit by mid June! All materials sold here.


Our expert on bedding plants, Elsie Goeke, has 35 years experience with all types and can help you choose the perfect flowers and plants for any type of garden, bedding area or planters. Bedding Plant Expert Elsie St. Louis MO

We also have beautiful, hand-crafted, inexpensive, large selection of Amish lawn furniture for sale.

Farmers Market Amish FurnitureAmish Furniture Seperate Slider chairs with connecting table