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Farmers Market Greenhouse 4-2014

Now taking Reservations for a Plant Sale Day Fund Raiser for Church Groups, Athletic Associations and other Groups at the Farm.

Farmers Market Geraniums 4-2014

Just pick any day in April or May and we will give a 10% discount and a percentage of that day sales for your organization plus provide Entertainment in our Play Areas and Hayrides for the kids while mom and dad shop.

Call us at 636-925-9969 for details.

Farmers Market Herbs, Tomato, Vegetable Plants and Hanging Baskets

Learn Advanced Backyard Gardening all the way to Starting and Running your very own Specialty Farm.

No matter if you have a 50 sq. ft. garden or a 5 acre field.

March to October, 2014, Saturdays, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

An introductory specialty farm course offered by Hermans Farm Orchard.


1. Learn from Tom Goeke, Sole Proprietor of Hermans Farm Orchard and Successful Business Owner in 30 years. Tom is a third generation farmer and is one of Missouri’s most successful specialty farm entrepreneurs.

2. Learn from Steve Millett, Ph.D., Certified Crop Advisor, and Leader at The Plant Doctor, LLC, excels at delivering specialized crop advice.

We are Stewards to the Land. Our job “Goal” Purpose is to make the Plants feel safe and comfortable throughout its lifetime in return they will provide a bountiful harvest. From Asparagus and Apples to Tomatoes and Zucchini and everything in between. We would like to hands-on teach and demo at the Farm on how to sow, plant, trim, train, tie, thin, weed, harvest and market the most popular types of Fruits and Vegetables for a successful and complete Local Farm Market Operations. Registrants receive discount on plant materials and growing supplies.

Farmers Market Grafting Tomatoes  2-22

Farmers Market Grafting Tomatoes 1 Feb-22






Farmers Market Grated Tomatoes-Mar 8

Farmers Market Healing Chamber-Feb 22





March 15th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Pruning & Seeding Timing-Setting up a Greenhouse.
2. Hands-on Seeding, Transplanting, Grafting Tomatoes and other Vegetables in the Greenhouse.
3. Setting up a Peach & Apple Orchard.
4. Why we choose and the importance of these varieties.

Farmers Market Apple Tree Pruning-Mar 8Farmers Market Peach Tree Pruning-Mar 22

April 19th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Setting Up Market for Plant Sales.
2. Demonstrating Low tunnel Installation on 1st crop of Tomatoes.
3. Demo Blackberry pruning.
4. Asparagus harvesting & tasting of new Varieties.
5. Thinning Fruit in Apple Orchard (Manually & Mechanically).

Farmers Market Planting Tomatoes Apr 12

Farmers Market Covering Tomatoes-Apr 12




Farmers Market Covering Tomatoes 1-Apr 12

May 17th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Manual Thinning Fruit in Peach Orchard.
2. Staking, Tying and Suckering 1st Planting of Tomatoes-the New & Inexpensive Method.
3. Integrated Pest Management.
4. How to make Tomatoes and other Plants produce more & taste better.
5. Compare Conventional & Organic Farming.

Farmers Market Apple Tree Thinning-Apr 26

Farmers Market Asparagus 4-26





Farmers Market Apple Trellising-Mar 22






June 14th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Set up Farmers Market for July Opening.
2. Selecting and planting Mum Planting Varieties by color and season.
3. Selecting & Planting Pumpkin Varieties by size & season according to harvest time.
4. Scouting Orchard for Pest and Disease.
5. Tasting 1st Ripe Tomatoes.
6. Shut down and Prep Asparagus Patch for the Summer Rooting Season.

Farmers Market Uncovering Tomatoes-May 10

Farmers Market Tying Tomatoes-May 10

May 17th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Remove Low Tunnel Covers on 1st planting of Tomatoes.
2. Demonstrate Suckering, Staking and Weaving “Tying” 1st planting of Tomatoes.
3. Compare Organic to Conventional Farming.
4. Integrated pest management.

Farmers Market Spraying Apple Trees-Aug 16

Farmers Market Peach Tree Thinning-May 24

July 12th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Marketing Plan for Summer Season-Tomatoes, Corn, Peaches, Melons & Blackberries.
2. Picking & Tasting 1st Tomatoes, Peaches & Blackberries.
3. Sorting, Grading & Bagging Fruits & Vegetables in Market.
4.Lessons learned from the Spring Planting Season.
5. Scouting Vegetable Patches & Orchards for Disease & Pests.

Farmers Market Produce Stand-Aug 16



Farmers Market Pumpkin Patch-Jun 14

August 16th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Marketing Plan for Fall Season.
2. Setting up Greenhouse for Entertainment for Fall Season.
3. Lessons learned for Summer Fruits & Vegetables Season.
4. Integrated Pest Management.
5. Comparing Conventional & Organic Farming again & why?

Farmers Market Tomatoes 7-16-2013

Farmers Market Asparagus Growing  2-8

September 13th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Pick Apples, Dig Chrysanthemums, Pick 4th Planting of Tomatoes for Fall Canning to witness Farm Marketing at it’s finest.
2. Bring the Family for Hands-on Harvesting at a Discount.
3. Shut down Peach Orchard.
4. Scout Farm for Winter Pests.

Farmers Market U-Pick Heirloom Tomatoes-Jun 28

Farmers Market U Pick Peaches 6

Farmers Market Blackberries 2013



Farmers Market Castle Playground 1


October 18th, Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

1. Bring Family for Hands-on Pumpkin Picking on us. You get to cut the Pumpkin from the Vine.
2. Shut down Blackberry Patch.
3. Shut down Apple Orchard demo. Hands on Mouse, rabbit, & deer Pest Management.
4. Lessons learned for the 2014 Season.

Farmers Market Educational Field Trip-Jul 19

Farmers Market Apple Picking

Farmers Market U-Pick We Dig Mums 2013

Farmers Market Greenhouse 2013



U-Pick Apples 2013Farmers Market U-Pick Tomatoes 1


Farmers Market U-Choose, We-Dig Mums 2013




Farmers Market Birthday Party-Jul 19


Farmers Market Pumpkin PatchFarmers Market U-Cut from the Vine Pumpkins

Farmers Market Hayride & Castle Playground 2013

Fees: $50.00 per class.

Registration Form: How-to-Start-and-Run-a-Specialty-Farm-Registration-Form

Visit our new Farm Mascot, Trigger, a 34″ tall miniature horse!!!!
While you are here don’t forget that we have plenty of vegetable plants and flowers for sale.

Farmers Market Peach Tree Blooms 1
Farmers Market Peach Tree Blooms


Guess who is going to have a Peach Crop??

The old timers would say “For every degree the temperature drops below zero, you stand a good chance of losing 10% of the Peach & Blackberry Bud Crop.”

Around the 2 state area Peach Growers claimed temperatures from 8° to 17° below zero devastating most of the crops. Michigan Growers, depended heavily on the warm air off Lake Michigan, claimed temperatures from 20° to 25° below zero. Not only eliminating the Peach Crop but the much heartier Apple Crop as well. With temperatures this cold they will probably loose a lot of the trees. We are more fortunate because of the 5+° temperatures 1 week before this severe cold snap registering 8° to 10° below zero here at our Farm. The buds had a chance to tighten up and acclimate themselves to handle the sever cold better. 10 days ago we cut budded branches from some of our trees and brought them into the 70° to 90° Greenhouse. As it would appear here we are going to have anywhere from 50 – 70% of our Bud Crop. And since we prune a large percent of the fruit from the tree anyway it appears that barring no other disasters like Spring Frost during the bloom period we stand a chance of having a pretty fair crop of Peaches and Blackberries for U-Pick the Season.

Farmers Market Peach Tree BudsFarmers Market Peach Tree Buds 1

At this time by cutting with a very sharp knife behind the bud where it is attached to the limb you can see if it survived or not as in our illustration. There is going to be a lot of ugly peach trees this year.

Apple & Peach Trees for Sale

Same varieties as we have on the Farm.
Apple Varieties: Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonathan & Enterprise
Peach Varieties: Red Haven, Coral Star & Flaming Fury

Directions to Hermans Farm Orchard:

From Florissant: Hwy 270 to Hwy 370 West across the MO River to 94 or 3rd St. Exit. Go Left on Hwy 94, 2 miles. Hermans Farm will be on your left.

From: St. Peters: Hwy 70 East to Hwy 370 East to 94 or 3rd St. Exit. Go Left on Hwy 94, 2 miles. Hermans Farm will be on your left.

Fall Grower Contest

Hermans Farm Orchard’s Phoenix Tomatoes, Cresthaven Peaches and Honeycrisp Apples took 1st Place in Vegetables, 1st Place in Fruits and Best in Show over 30 other growers at the Vegetable Growers Expo on Thursday, September 12th, 2013.

Midwest Marketplace Fall Grower Contest Best in Show Midwest Marketplace Fall Grower Contest 1st Place Vegetables Midwest Marketplace Fall Grower Contest 1st Place Fruits Midwest Marketplace Fall Grower Tomatoes & Peppers

Taking Reservations for U-Pick Peaches, Apples and U-Cut from the Vine Pumpkins for next season which includes an Educational Hayride!

Farmers Market Hayride & Castle Playground 2013


Locally grown produce for the freshest taste.


Hardy, locally grown annuals of all varieties

U Pick

Apples and Pumpkins also Dig your own Mums

Look around and see what all we have to offer in locally grown fresh produce, hardy flowers, annuals, hanging baskets, herbs, and bedding plants.

Plus we carry a variety of jams, local honey, and in the fall we have pumpkins, hay, corn stalks, Indian corn, gourdes, and hay rides.

From our local produce to educational field trips for preschool age groups and Birthday Parties we offer something for everyone.  Our family friendly atmosphere and extensive knowledge of produce and plants will have you coming back again and again.

Tom can show you how to get gardening weeks ahead of time in the spring with some tricks he has learned over the last few decades. Including covering your plants to make sure that they are protected from the weather.

Elsie can have your yard looking gorgeous with her talents for putting together flowering annuals that will work for your yard’s conditions.  And bring in your favorite pots and we can put together a flowering arrangement that you will just love. We have a variety of Herbs and Spices that we can put into a planter for all your cooking needs.

In the fall we have many family activities:  Pick your own pumpkin, free hayrides, u choose – we dig mums and u-pick apples.