Memorial Day Sale

Rare Garlic Scapes

Range Eggs

Quart Strawberries

$4 each or any 3 for $10. Mix them if you like.



Specialty Hanging Baskets

10" Baskets any variety $15 each, 3 or more $12 each.

13" Baskets any variety $20 each, 3 or more $18 each.

Mix sizes and still get the 3 or more price.



We now have homegrown Strawberries and Asparagus.


Kiowa Blackberries plants produce the largest fruit in the world, golf ball size.


These garlic plants will produce softball size heads.


Our fantastic tasting Red Duce and Phoenix Tomato plants available.

Now planting 10 varieties of local and European heirloom tomato plants, grafted onto root stock specifically designed to increase production and disease resistance. Ready for harvest around June 25.