July 1st starts the season for produce and U-Picks

Produce Available:














U-Picks Available:

-Blackberries-U-Pick NowDSC03346-Hopefully Peach Picking will be coming this weekend, July 8th-We will keep you updated











Other Items Available:

-Amish furniture
-Dirt from the farm (truckload or bucket)


This beautiful, hand-crafted, inexpensive, large selection of Amish lawn furniture from Ava, IL is for sale at our farm.

Farmers Market Amish FurnitureAmish Furniture Seperate Slider chairs with connecting table



-Dirt from the farm (truckload or bucket)

The quality of good bottom land is determined by what tributaries have silted it over centuries. 
Our farm is located on a 26 mile by 8 mile shelf, surrounded and silted by the Missouri, Mississippi, and Illinois Rivers.
The soil called the De Sioux is the richest in North America.
When drilling water wells they sometimes bring pecans shelves to the surface, from 40 below. 
 Top Soil
Our soil is for sale by:  5 gal bucket or 1,200 lbs yard-loose.