A Great Apple Tree Story

In 2004 a large Independent fruit tree co. and University of Michigan crossed a Honeycrisp and Zestar Apple tree to develop a very popular new variety called Sweet Tango.

The order had to be a min. of 10,000 trees, could not be purchased outright but leased and subject to strict site inspections by the selling company.

A group of unhappy Orchardists in the Midwest took the company to court where a Federal Judge with some common sense said, “Sorry boys this is America and if that is the way this company wishes to conduct their business then so be it.” “Go start your own tree.”

In 2007 a breeding program was started called The Midwest Apple Improvement Association. Four years and many trial crosses later the Evercrisp Apple tree was born. The mother is a Honeycrisp and the Father is a Fuji.