4th of July Tomato Plants
4th of July is a very early, 45 day Indeterminate plant that grows to 5′ and produces golf ball size fruit that are great for salads with very good flavor that you plant May 1st and start to harvest June 15th. It yields to frost.
Red Duce Tomato Plants
Red Duce Tomato is an early 65 day Determinate plantRed Duce Tomato Plants that grows to 3 1/2′ and is a Medium/Large round fruit that scored the highest on our Brix Sugar Scale in 2013. Plant them April 15th and cover with seed guard purchased at our farm and start harvesting June 20th.



















Phoenix Tomato Plants
A late 80 day Semi-Determinate plant that grows to 4′ and is a Medium/Extra Large round fruit, which loves to set in 100 degree + August Temps, when all other varieties fail. Let them hang until ripe and pick 3 days later and they will still stay solid and increase their flavor.
Summer Pick Tomato Plants
The new Summer Pick is an early 67 day Determinate plant that grows to 3 1/2′ and is an Extra Large flat fruit that is great for slicing and sandwiches. It is a cousin to the Red Duce with the same great flavor.















DSC02784 Indigo Rose
Advertised as the Healthiest Tomato in the Midwest. Indigo Rose has a purple to black fruit on the outside with dark, rich, redish purple inside. Note how even the plant is dark purple. When exposed to light, the fruit expels an antioxidant called Anthocyanin. Like the Blueberry, it is very healthy.
Dixie Red Tomato Plants
A new semi late 75 day Determinate plant that grows to 3 1/2′ and is hot set and the fruit sized like the Phoeonix with a better disease resistant package. It just might perform better with the same great taste.