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The Perfect Window

ROTATION - We rotate the tomato and pumpkins crops every other year. The 1st of 4 plantings of tomatoes is fully harvested by mid August. Next season's pumpkin crop doesn't need to be planted until June on this same location which opens a window from Sept. 2015 to June 2016. It is the ideal timing for garlic.
PREPARATION and PLANTING - September 2015, after preparing the soil and making raised bed rows 5' apart, we stretched irrigation tape with emitters spaced 12" apart, down the center of each row. With an ordinary hand hoe, we made 2" deeps rows down each side of the tape. Using the tape emitters as a spacing guide, we planted 6000 garlic cloves 4" to 6" apart on 1/3 acre.
PROGRESSION - Because of the hot, dry fall weather, we took this opportunity to drip irrigate the plants every 7 to 10 days, triggering plant emergence of almost 97% by mid October. In early April of 2016, with a special cloth called "Seed Guard", we plan to low tunnel cover the rows of garlic. Just like with our 1st planting of tomatoes, as shown in the picture, this protects and triggers early growth, advancing size and harvest timing up to 2 weeks. Hermans Farm is located on a shelf between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, which over the centuries have silted the land with fine, rich, black soil called De Sioux. This soil is ideal for an onion type crop like garlic. Because of location, soil type, drip irrigation and low tunneling, the farm has the potential to produce a product possibly up to twice it's normal size.

We will have 10 different types of garlic.

Carol's Favorite

Chesnok Red

Creole Red

German White



Silver White


Purple Glazer

Spanish Roja